Thursday, January 22, 2009

The New Harley

Dean has been looking for months to buy a Harley. He used to ride all the time, in his younger years. He wanted a used one, and he knew exactly what kind, color and everything. He knew a used one would be cheaper, but it had to have low miles on it. This is it, we got really lucky. Unfortunate, for the man that had to sell it, but it was great for us. It is a 2008, with low miles, and lots of extras $$$$$. He hasn't had a chance to ride it much, but hopefully we will both get to take weekend cruises soon.


Sisters Produce said...

are you going to get a side car for your DOG!

Susan said...

Marnie asked my question about the side-car....Yes! Ears flapping in the wind and every time Peyton sees the bike... She's gonna' jump in it and act like "What About Bob?" Panting, drooling and saying to you, "I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation." I can just see it! That's all good, she loves you "she's like dog crazy glue." lol lol